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Rape of Europa

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Narrative Book of the Film
The Monuments Men -
Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves
and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History.

…We tend in these permissive times to embrace and often sentimental definition of heroism, in the process elevating to heroic status men and women whose actions, however admirable, remarkable and courageous, fall short of the self-sacrificial. Were the Allied (mostly American) soldiers who rescued works of art stolen by the Nazis before and during World War II really heroes, as Robert M. Edsel claims in The Monuments Men, or were they good men -- aided by our resourceful, determined French woman -- who were simply, in the best sense of the phrase, just doing their jobs?

- The Washington Post

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Companion Book to the Film
Rescuing Da Vinci
“The Single Most Extraordinary
Untold Story of WWII.”

“…Rescuing da Vinci is every bit as harrowing as was [Lynn Nicholas’ The Rape of Europa]. Mr. Edsel has collected hundreds of photographs documenting the extent of the Nazis' looting and the Allies' efforts to protect or rescue art treasures…One shudders with gratitude—for the fact that the piece [Winged Victory] survived the war and for a book that reminds us of what is at stake when the enemies of civilization seize power.”

- The Wall Street Journal

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Inspiration Book for the Film
The Rape of Europa by Lynn H. Nicholas

“[Told] with a mastery based on very extensive reading and research. Nicholas brings to her task historical perspective, a remarkable command of the economics of the art business and a feel for the appropriate and telling anecdote. This is a book with heroes and villains and a strong narrative line.”

- The New York Review of Books

“Extraordinary and harrowing…make[s] your hair stand on end. Surely the most comprehensive and thorough account to date…Excellent.”

- Washington Times

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